New Release: Freeman's Choice

I almost forgot this was a release week. I've been so busy trying to get everything else ready that the day just slipped... that, and I got really sidetracked writing Mack 'n' Me and Side Shift, as well as suckered by Shades while I was editing it. Love it when a story drags me under during edits, but I hate neglecting any of them so, without more ado, here is Freeman's Choice. It's my first science fiction fantasy novel, one of my earliest novels (although that might not be such a plus), the kick-off for a new novel setting, and was a lot of fun to write. Like most things, it was a journey of discovery, and the stories it has spawned will take me a little bit to get to you, but they're coming.

In the meantime, you can find Freeman's Choice at Smashwords (in all available formats), DriveThruFiction (as a PDF), Amazon (as a kindle ebook), CreateSpace (as a large print trade paperback), and via Draft2Digital, CreateSpace, and Smashwords distribution.

When Lorellan Cartwright finds buying back the woman he loves an impossible task, he promptly steals her away, but escaping from the criminally minded third duke of Aristoc and reaching a place of safety are two very different things. And stealing from the duke embroils Lorellan and Megan in the politics of crime lords, long forgotten races of fantasy, aliens and interstellar law enforcement. Can they escape the tangled webs woven by others and find refuge? Or will they join the ranks of those who tried before and failed?


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