Ingress Roundup: February 2018

It was a pretty big month for PokemonGo, but I still managed to fit some Ingress in around all the excitement. I reached third and sixth in the local player rankings, so I must have done something right… or everyone else was having an off month. One of the two. (I’m choosing to believe the first… which means I will probably have to do more of that micro-fielding thing in future.)
Anyway, top ten was a milestone, I didn't expect to get anywhere near, so that was cool… and then life got busy, as I got my head around what I needed to do next for this writing thing.

Medal Milestones:
This month, in spite of all the pokemon eggs I hatched, I finally managed to reach my 2,500th ingress kilometre, and received a lovely onyx medal for my trouble. That was cool, too.

Mission Milestones:
I’m still very slowly working my way through the last hundred missions to reach the Spec Ops onyx, but I’ll get there. Time was short in February, so I aimed for completing just one mission series—and barely fitted it in before the end of the month. It was a lovely set of crystal balls, and I spent a nice couple of hours in the centre of Canberra, on one of the last days of summer. Missions completed now number 426.

Results for February Goals: 
  • SUCCESS: Achieve the Black Trekker milestone,
  • FAIL: Achieve the Black Translator milestone,
  • SUCCESS: Complete one more mission mosaic.
Goals for March 2018: 
  • Achieve the Platinum Recon milestone,
  • Achieve the Black Translator milestone,
  • Complete one more mission mosaic.