Free Reads & Favourite Authors

I was posting up my first chapters, when I remembered that some of my favourite authors regularly put up a story, or a sample of their work on their blogs, so I thought I’d introduce you to their work – you never know, you might like their stories, too!
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
I first stumbled across Alien Influences when I was in the last year of junior high – and it was one of the first science-fiction pieces I ever read. More recently, I’ve found her Diving series and enjoyed that immensely. This week, she posted Shadows on the Moon, a story that’s nothing like her other two, but thought provoking and both a little bit hopeful and a little bit sombre and more magic realism than urban fantasy. You can find it HEREon her blog.
Craig Martelle
I only discovered Craig Martelle’s work a couple of months ago, and so far have read the Terry Henry Walton Chronicles, am eagerly waiting the final book in the Darklanding series, and am making my way through the Freetrader series. He has a free story on his web site, HERE, and looks like he’ll be putting more reads on his blog in the future.
Michael Anderle
I discovered Michael Anderle’s work at around the same time as I discovered Craig Martelle’s work – not surprising since they wrote the Terry Henry Walton Chronicles together. You can find snippets of Michael’s work HERE on the Kurtherian website.
Scott Moon
I discovered Scott Moon’s work, also at the same time as I discovered Craig Martelle and Michael Anderle’s work, and am really looking forward to the last book in the Darklanding series. Scott has a bunch of short stories on his website, along with the news of all his books.

P.R. Adams
This is an author I discovered a couple of weeks ago. So far I’m working my way through his Blazing Sands trilogy – and enjoying it very much. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any reads on his blog, but I’m enjoying his books, and hope you’ll go check them out, too. You can find him on his website HERE.


This list will change every now and again, as I find more authors, or as I notice things change.