First Words for the Day—July 2, 2018

Yesterday saw me get more into the swing of things. The new schedule still looks like a mess, but I think it's redeemable... if I don't spend too much time hanging out on social media. This is my last catch-up post, and my next-to-last post for the day... because I still have today's first words to write. This post also sees the first up-kick in production - first words from TWO projects.

Mack ‘n’ Me: The Transporter's Favour

Delight took us straight from the sparring mats to wolf-based scenarios—and from the feel of those, she’d ripped them straight out of some poor soul’s head. Several poor souls, if the team’s reactions were anything to go by… and then we came to the one where we were staring down a newly docked wolf-drop-ship in a spaceship’s hangar bay, and I was sure of it.

She didn’t give me time to do more than glare, and the scenario started rolling—and she’d tweaked it. 

Of course, she had.

“You spit-sucking, psychotic, mouth-breeding—”

The first wolf construct came at me with a roar, and I slid under its swing, slamming a boot into its shin so I could stop and fire two shots from the Blazer up into its midriff at very close range. Things got more interesting after that.

The Priestess, the Prince & the Dragons' Children

So, I knew everything wasn’t fine. I knew that, but I couldn’t tell Chushka. I couldn’t put my unease into words, and give it more power than it already had. I ran my fingers over the shells of my children’s eggs, murmuring a soft goodnight to each one, and I prayed Chushka couldn’t read my feelings on my face.

But she had told me that she had a sense for these things, and she remained troubled.

“Something is coming,” she said, “but I cannot tell if it is for good or ill.”

I stepped away from the eggs, and moved toward the door to my chambers, but she laid her hand on my arm.

“Wait, Mistress. Perhaps we should check.”

I was about to agree, when the unease grew to a fine fit of fear.

“Bar the door, first,” I said, and she hurried to obey.

“And that one, too,” I said, as terror danced along my arms and played its merry way along my spine.
Perhaps it should have worried me that Chushka did not argue, and that she was already heading for the second door before I could ask her to.
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