Blogs that made me stop – 24 September 2012:

I subscribe to a lot of blogs and that means I don’t get through them every day (or even every week). When I do get time to read them, I tend to skim unless there’s an entry that pulls me in. Since last time, those blog entries are linked below: 

ThePassive Voice: because he always does, more than once.
Terribleminds: I love this.
Terribleminds: Yes, I got suckered again... and then backed out.
Terribleminds: an interesting interview with Matt Ruff.
DeanWesley Smith: This one on pricing.
Amarinda Jones: on the whole rose petal thing. This lady’s posts usually brighten my day.
Amarinda Jones: and this one on taking care in formatting;
Amarinda Jones: on Jane Austen and her books at Noble:
Amarinda Jones: on strippers, hairdressers and cats:
Let’s Get Digital: David Gaughran talking about things he learned at Britain’s Festival of Writing;
David Farland’s Daily Kick in the Pants: On why writers are responsible for their own success or failure; Also, be sure to check out his other posts on grammar J.
Grasping for the Wind: Ellen Datlow on science fiction:


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