Screams for the Dying and An Anthology of Worlds available on Kindle and Smashwords

Screams for the Dying has been released on Amazon and Smashwords. Screams for the Dying is a short science fiction story that blends myth, fantasy and science fiction. In the time in which this short story is set, banshees and star ships are real, and so are a lot of other things. It is approximately 2,500 words long and is the fifth and final story in the fourth Simpson Anthology - An Anthology of Worlds - which released mid-September 2012.
An Anthology of Worlds has also been released on Amazon and Smashwords. An Anthology of Worlds is just under 20,000 words long and contains 5 short stories and 2 poems to playing with the idea of exploring different worlds, each of which is available individually. Some of these worlds are parallel to our own and others are literally on other planets, but all deal with a reality that's not the same as we know it now. 


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