Progress Report: Week 1, July 2015

And I hope all of you in the United States are enjoying your 4 July celebrations. Down here, in the O.Z. it was business as usual, but we took a little time to think of you—and again, today, as our time-zones create a time lapse. The revision of Artistic Licence saw me not only smash the word goal for June, but complete the word goal for the year. Next year, I will double this and see if an average of 2,000 words a day is feasible. I started the week with the flu, and things got better from there, but not as good as I’d like it to be—nearly, though, very nearly. I now have to slot my language study back in, and also fit in my studies, so the schedule isn’t quite settled, but it’s getting there.


New words produced: 11,944
Old words revised: 58,438
Works completed: 33 (for inclusion in 4 separate collections)
Works revised: 0
Covers created: 0
Works published: 0
Works submitted: 0
Competitions Entered: 0
Bloggery: 979

Tier 1 (June) Tasks

CrimeNovel1—Artistic Licence: Revised 58,438 words; added 701 words

Tier 2 (July) Tasks

CrimeNovel1—Artistic Licence: Reached 59,000 words

Publishing Tasks

Created 7 blog posts for this blog;
Created 16 blog posts for the C.M. Simpson Art and Photography blog;


Onto Edit 3 of Orb Wielder

New Arrivals

The following pieces arrived last week:

Poem542—The Troll Queen: a sonnet about a troll queen;
Poem543—Winter Solstice: a multiple acrostic about the shortest day in winter;
Poem 544—Double Dragon: a double acrostic about a dragon;
Poem545—Starships to the Sky: a multiple acrostic about starships and sacrifice;
Poem546—Troll Gate: a poem about a gate between worlds;
Poem547—Troll Doom: a poem about the doom of trolls;
Poem548—Though Picket Fence Eludes You: a poem about choices in life;
Poem 549—I am… what?: a poem about being nothing;
Poem550—Do You Know the Troll Wind?: a poem about an ill-portended wind;
Poem551—The Dragon Flies: a series of haiku about a dragon flying;
Poem552—Maven’s Oldest Lady: a two-verse limerick about a little old lady in Maven;
Poem553–Starshine Mine: a poem about mining a star;
Poem554—Never in the Car in the Sun Alone: a poem about the dangers of leaving a child in the car;
Poem555—Quetzalcoatl Rising: a poem about Quetzalcoatl
Poem556—In Search of Beaver Lost: a poem about species and extinction written from the future;
Poem557—Prayer of a Roving Warrior’s Wife: a prayer for a warrior’s return;
Poem558—Troubled Times: a poem about today’s world;
Poem559—Territory Day: a poem about Territory Day and firecrackers;
Poem560—Mermaids from the Stars: a poem about man-hunting mermaids from the sun;
Poem561—Ode to Brownies: brownie lore encapsulated in verse;
Poem562—My Mistress and the Fox: a poem about a lady’s search for a Chinese fox;
Poem563—Vengeance on Basilisk Sworn: a double acrostic about the basilisk;
Poem564—An Encounter with Big Foot: a limerick about big foot;
Poem 565—The Black Dog of Devon: a poem about the black dog;
Poem566—A Brush with the Kelpies: an urban fantasy poem about kelpies;
Poem567—City Traffic: a cinquain about traffic noise;
Poem568—Do You Want to Live Forever?: a poem playing on the marine question: Do you want to live forever?
ShortStory457—Splash Woman: a piece of science flash fiction about colonists and disaster;
ShortStory458—The Pixie’s Grief: a piece of urban fantasy flash fiction about a grieving pixie, evil fey and vengeance;
ShortStory459—Joy Ride in July: a piece of speculative flash fiction about Santa’s sleigh south of the equator;
ShortStory460—A Planet’s Ransom: a piece of young adult flash science fiction about kidnap and ransom;
ShortStory461—Prison Break: a piece of flash fantasy-science fiction about an escape;
ShortStory462—The Petals’ Slaves: a piece of flash science fiction about another escape;
YANovel27—A Planet’s Ransom: about some young people and a planet’s ransom.


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