Progress Report: Week 2, September 6-12, 2015

University break started this week, and I only have one and a half essays to write, instead of the four predicted – yay. Of course, I’ve spent a bit more time on my writing, getting ready for next year’s release schedule, since I know it’s going to be busy for 28 weeks out of the 52, I’d better work on that. I’m finding it hard to develop and maintain a writing habit with university, but it’s only for another year and a bit. After that, I get to decide what happens next, and I’m thinking writing full-time might just be it. Ask me again in six months. In the meantime, the essays took precedence, but reading and research time taken doesn’t come up as a word count. Lots of that, this week. Not much of anything else.


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University Prep and Assignments: 1,496

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