Progress Report: Week 3, September 20-26, 2015

Another big week of university preparation. I managed to finish the preparation for this week, just prior to when I would have had to be in class—but I didn’t attend class; I did the final touch-ups you need to do for a house inspection, and supervised overdue repairs that were scheduled at the last minute… and then I got straight into preparing for next week’s classes, because I have a convention I want to attend this weekend and there won’t be time afterwards.
So, plans for next year? Reduce the study load by one subject and keep up with the release schedule. Also, re-introduce the roleplaying entries on a Friday, get back to poetry on Mondays, and remember the bird and critter report… maybe Wednesdays. You’ll see me moving towards that over the next few weeks as I clear the study decks.
Only five weeks left of semester and the university year—and then I get to write full-time for a few months!


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