A New Method… and a New Challenge

In order to try and cope with my study load, and my desire to manage my writing, I instigated a new challenge. I would prioritise my study and writing, and I’d try to write a story a week. I thought the Story-A-Week challenge might be achievable, but then I went one step further.

You guys are familiar with this,right? The whole ‘if one story’s a good idea, why not try two? Well, I thought that it shouldn’t be too much trouble to write a new story each week AND complete an old one, so I named my new challenge the Story-A-Week Catch-Up Challenge. I’ll post a bit later in the week as to how that’s really going.

And the new method?

Well, it’s to just write a thousand a words at a time on any one project, unless the words are really flowing well. That way, I can meet the writing commitment needed for each of my pen names to have something to add to a regular publishing schedule. When I’m writing, this method works really well, and I often get over the quota with ease.

The trouble is still finding the time to write fiction, when I have study commitments to meet, and family to care for.


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