Ingress Report - Week Ending August 20, 2016

Sorry, no pictures, today, folks.

I haven't been well, so I'll make it brief.

Two missions completed: one at the National Museum of Australia, and one at the National Botanic Gardens... and then I caught the flu. The next mission will be a lovely jaunt up Black Mountain, and I'm still tossing up whether I'll make it a walk or a drive.

No new badges to report, but I should have some news on that front, soon. I have four platinum, heading for black at a rapid rate of knots, two golds, seven silver, four bronze, and the usual two that may never get off the starting mark. It's not spectacular, but sometimes I have to let Ingress take a back seat.

Other stuff: I think I'll just let events guide what goes on in the Ingress space. If I level a badge, I might talk about that, or - if I remember to take photos - I'll post about the missions, once they're done. If they're a picture series, I'll post up the completed set, because there are some really creative mission creators out there, and it's nice to show their work.

Next week: if I have no badge news, I'll list up some of the things I wish I'd known about when I first started playing.


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