Progress Report: Week Ending August 13

Well, it’s started – change, and don’t we all just love change. I’m switching between writing essays and writing fiction. Very soon, I will start putting the publishing tasks back into the schedule, but not until I’ve managed to balance this new addition. Adding the walking really threw things, so we’re going slow.
Changes. Right. I made a few of those. The first one is to add my pokewalking and ingressing to my blog. It’s kinda fun, but it’s also really important for writers to maintain their fitness. After all, who wants their favourite author to keel over from a stroke, or a heart attack, or some diabetes-related issue that could have been avoided if we hadn’t chained them to their desk? Not me, that’s for sure, and, if I’m gonna advise it, maybe I should listen to myself for a change.
So, since I tend to pokewalk on weekends, and sometimes Monday, Tuesday will have pictures of the pokemon that were caught during the week, and, since I go ingressing fairly heavily before my tutorials in the middle of the week, and Fridays, if my assignments are on track, I was thinking of making Saturday my ingress report. Sundays will remain the day for progress reports.
I think that, with Sundays, Tuesdays and Saturdays on track, I’ll try and work out what to do for the rest of the week. I may go back to the terribleminds flash fiction challenges on Fridays, and maybe add in a day for writer’s thoughts, and a day for wildlife pictures, but I’ll work on making the pokewalking, ingressing and progress reports regular first. Anything else will be a bonus.
Next change. Not sure yet. Let’s just get these ones sorted first, okay?


  • New words produced: 21,423
  • Old words revised: approx. 2,000
  • Outlines and Notes: 0
  • Works completed: 0
  • Works revised: 0
  • Covers created: 0
  • Works published: 0
  • Works submitted: 0
  • Competitions Entered: 0
  • Bloggery: 2,161
  • University Prep and Assignments: 6,886

Publishing Tasks

New Arrivals

The following pieces arrived last week and were completed:

  • The Medusa’s Starman, 8753 words, science fiction/dark fantasy blend short story;
  • Memory’s Return, 6,364 words, urban policing noir fantasy; and
  • Bid the Moon Goodbye; 4,486 words, science fiction.

 The following older pieces of writing were picked up and finished:

  • The Magicians and the Silk Road, 4,760 words, fantasy short story


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