Ingress: The Via Lux Adventure Medal—Day 12

Well, sometimes real life has to take precedence, so the house and yard have been tidied and inspected, and the sick child looked after, but Monday, I was out and about again. This time it was to walk up a small mountain for the next mission in delta284’s Explore Canberra mission series—and then to walk back down the mountain for another mission exploring some of the parts of the Australian War Memorial I’d never really stopped to visit. Again, I was astounded by the beauty and thought put into this place, where our dead and history are honoured… I’ll be going back, again.

These are the badges.


They really don’t do the Memorial any justice, so I took a few pictures to give folks a better idea.


This incredible place tries to ensure that none are forgotten, and we should do the same.

I will post on the walk up Mount Ainslie, another day.You’ll notice I’ve changed the layout of the progress report. It now makes more sense, since this challenge really started on September 1, and I didn’t get started until September 4

Via Lux Progress:
Days 1-3: 0 unique portals visited
Day 4: 5 unique portals visited and 1 mission completed (5/300)
Day 5: 30 uniques visited and 1 mission completed (35/300)
Day 6: 2 unique portals visited and 0 missions completed (37/300)
Days 7-11: 0 unique portals visited (37/300)
Day 12:  114 unique portals visited and 2 missions completed (151/300)
TOTAL: 151/300

Tomorrow, I will be trying to finish this series, and to maybe add a few more uniques before the real world claims my attention for the rest of the week. 

Tomorrow, it will be time to move, again.


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