Ingress: The Via Lux Adventure Medal—Days 13-16

I’ve made my 300. It was surprisingly more difficult than I thought it would be, but it’s done. The only problem is that I’m really going to struggle to get another batch of badges in a similar time-frame ever again… unless I move cities—but that’s a problem for another day.

Day 13

Day 13 saw me finish the adventure series this challenge had caught me in the middle of, and then head down to the Tuggeranong town centre the Tuggeranong town centre. It was an unfamiliar area, so I enlisted the aid of a series of 6 adventures to try and make sure I didn’t miss any portals, but got very confused between adventures two and three, and went to work methodically to make sure I picked up as many portals as I could before heading home.

The three adventures I did complete were:

After that, my inventory filled up and I just had to blast and capture a field of green portals to empty it out a little. Fully deploying and modding each portals was essential, and linking helped, too.

139 portals later… and I was sitting on 290 new portals hacked for the month, just ten shy of what I needed. Still, there was always another day.

Day 14

Day 14 saw me staying close to home, as domestic tasks needed to be sorted. No new portals, but I recaptured and relinked four of the locals and remembered to hack for my sojourner’s badge. Nothing exciting this day.

0 new portals…

Day 15

Day 15 saw me back in the Tuggeranong town centre again, this time with an idea of where I’d gone wrong with the missions. The idea was to pick up any portals I’d missed, finish the series and nail a few single missions to round out the day. This worked pretty well.

These are the missions I completed:

I only picked up 3 more portals this way, so I moved on to another urban shopping centre a bit further north, working back along the bus route. The aim was to do 2 missions in this area, but the first one was so large that I only got through that one before I had to head home.

(Note to mission designers: Walk your missions through before publishing AND when covering a lot of portals in an area, think about having the portals done in a set order that guides the agents through the shortest route to avoid frustration over double-backs. You may prefer agents explore the area blind, so that last one is your call, but balance it against the odds of mission completion and the time constraints some agents might face when trying to fit missions into a visit to a new town or area.)

Anyway, I headed to Woden town centre, and worked through one more mission there—this one:

It added another 32 uniques to the collection and brought me over the 300 mark—yay!

I’ll try adding more, but university goes back this week, so it may not happen. We’ll just have to see.
Day 16

I had time constraints, today, so I went for a 17 km walk and hacked my way around Lake Ginninderra. Unfortunately, I’ve done all the missions in this area, and all those along the Belconnen foreshore, so I’ve covered the area pretty thoroughly and there were no missions completed, and no new portals. The next few days look similar, but Day 19? We’ll have to see about Day 19.

Via Lux Progress:
Days 1-3: 0 unique portals visited
Day 4: 5 unique portals visited and 1 mission completed (5/300)
Day 5: 30 uniques visited and 1 mission completed (35/300)
Day 6: 2 unique portals visited and 0 missions completed (37/300)
Days 7-11: 0 unique portals visited (37/300)
Day 12:  114 unique portals visited and 2 missions completed (151/300)
Day 13: 139 unique portals visited and 2 missions completed (290/300)
Day 14: 0 unique portals visited (190/300)
Day 15: 35 unique portals visited and 8 missions completed (325/300)
Day 16: 0 unique portals visited (325/300) 
TOTAL: 325/300


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