Progress Report: Week ending September 10, 2016

Another busy week. I tried to increase my walking while term break was on, but a house inspection in the first week slowed that down as we worked to overcome the effects of a wet winter on the garden, and I realised just how far behind I’d fallen in my writing. Round that out with a child and a fever, and I achieved less than I wanted, but still a lot more than I expected. I used to strive for 10,000 words a week, and fail. This week, I made that. It’s pretty cool. Next week, I’ll try to do it again.


New words produced: 11,205
Old words revised: 0/0
Outlines and Notes: 0
Works completed: 1 poetry collection (57,000 words); 49 shorter works (for inclusion in 3 longer works)
Works revised: 0
Covers created: 0
Works published: 0
Works submitted: 0
Competitions Entered: 0
Bloggery: 2,280
University Prep and Assignments: 0

Story-A-Week Catch-Up Challenge Update

This week’s focus was on catching up the poetry and flash fiction, so no progress was made on the short stories this week.

Publishing Tasks

Created 6 blog posts for this blog

New Arrivals

The following pieces arrived last week and were completed:

Poem788—Seasons in the Pixies’ Forest: this urban fantasy sestina was inspired by Canberra spring weather.
Poem789—Dragonships Ahoy: a first-letter acrostic about starships catching solar winds;
Poem790—Santa’s Homecoming: a last-letter acrostic about Santa’s return to the North Pole;
Poem791—Space Exploration Recruitment: an end-line acrostic that makes a comment about corporate recruitment;
Poem792—An Unfortunate Intrusion: an iambic poem about an encounter in a cave;
Poem793—The Bakery Abandoned: an iambic poem with a partial rhyme that is a ghost story;
Poem794—The Dawn-Bird Survivor: an echo poem transcribing an interview with someone who survived an encounter with the dawn birds from “Don’t Wake the Dawn Birds”.
Poem795—A Dark Encounter: a free verse horror poem about an unexpected urban encounter
Poem796—Ode to Christmas Evolution: an irregular limerick about the evolution of Christmas from its origins to present day;
Poem796—The Girl From the Moon: a limerick about a girl from the moon in the Lunar Wolves setting.
Poem797—The Rescue of the Dragon Heir: a series of ottava rima verses about a dragon-human pact and promises kept;
Poem798—A Comet in the Dark: a renga-style poem about star travel;
Poem799—The Troll: a haiku about a troll;
Poem800—An Awkward Visitor: an English sonnet about a dragon’s not-so-opportune place of rest;
Poem801—The Medilo Nightmare: an Italian-style sonnet set in the world of Medilo;
Poem802 —The Sky’s Limit: a tetractys meant to inspire;
Poem803—Star-Found Love: a double tetractys about finding love among the stars;
Poem804—The Medilo Most Unkind: a ballad-style poem about the dangers of the Medilo swamp;
Poem805—Seeking Safety: a simple cinquain about sending ships into space:
Poem806—Parent’s Lost: a near ballad about xenobiologists in the Medilo;
Poem807—The Signting: a series of haiku about a beast of legend;
Poem808—The Dragon: a Kennings poem about … dragons;
Poem809—Upon the Hill: a lyric-style poem about a frightening encounter in a storm;
Poem810—Your Trust in Me: a pantoum exploring how a queen might feel having to unexpectedly rule when her king is lost;
Poem811—Riddle Me a Starship: a riddle about a starship;
Poem813—Invasion Force: a pair of tanka verses describing an invasion fleet’s arrival;
Poem814—A Triolet of Trolls: a triolet poem about the ongoing battle between mankind and trolls in the Otherworld setting;
Poem815—Upon the Turning Earth: a ballade-style poem about leaving and returning, and of hope;
Poem816—The Calling Suns: a diamante poem about stars;
FF570—More Precious than Faberge: a science fiction, near future, fantasy blend flash fiction about the discoveries that might lie beneath our very feet;
FF571—New Companions: a short fantasy piece about the risks people take to find their own dragon;
FF572—The Six-Year-Old’s Surprise: is a piece of flash science fiction about the lengths Odyssey will go to in order to see their assets protected;
FF573—The Wolves of Lunar 10:  a piece of science fiction flash about a group of colonising werewolves from Lunar 1;
FF574—Footsteps in the Dark: a piece of flash urban horror about what might cause footsteps in the dark;
FF575—The Unwelcome Fiance: a piece of urban fantasy flash fiction about elves and trolls;
FF576—The Metragoran Moon:  a piece of science fiction flash about a disputed moon;
FF577—Anubis Redefined: a piece of historical fantasy flash about a stubborn pharaoh;
FF578—Infiltration: a piece of flash science fiction about an undercover agent at the end of a mission;
FF579—Live Free: a piece of science fiction flash set on the world of Aquapearl, home to the lizardine;
FF580—Leaving Town: a piece of science fiction flash about finding a new life;
FF581—An Awkward Interview: a piece of science fiction about finding the right person for the job;
FF582—Job Security: a piece of science fiction flash about finding safety;
FF583—The Recruitment Process: a piece of science fiction flash about Odyssey’s selection process for new recruits;
FF584—Say Hi to the Unicorns: a piece of urban flash fantasy set in the world of pixie dust smuggling;
FF585—Bird Friend: a piece of urban flash fantasy about night owls and elves;
FF586—Trying for Obscurity: a piece of science fiction about the infamous trying to retire;
FF587—The Hunted and the Hunter: a piece of fantasy flash about trying to obtain a new mount;
FF588—The Crab Gauntlet: fantasy flash on the dangers of deliveries in a fantasy world;
FF589—The Learning Curve: an urban fantasy flash on learning policing


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