Babes in London: Act Two, Scene Four (Leyila’s House, Part 9: Setite Attack—Aftermath)


After Searching Leyila’s House: When PCs have finished searching Leyila’s house, they have a number of options. They can:

  • go and search Anika’s House (Go To Act II, Scene 3);
  • go and investigate the gallery in Islington to find out about the painter David Markovin who has a studio in Cambden (go to Act III, Scene 1);
  • go to David Markovin’s studio in Cambden (go to Act III, Scene 1);
  • try to find mythological references to red boars (go to Act III, Scene 4);
  • try to find out what the symbol on the disc and the Red Boars means (go to Act III, Scene 4);
  • go to Emblae (if they have played The Fire Within) – in which case the faery identifies the creatures as the Red Boars of Set and gives them the information listed on pp. 36-37;
  • go the Fae of Haverhill (if they have played The Fire Within) in which case PCs receive the information on p. 37
  • contact the Gehenna Consortium, go to Act 3, Scene 3.
  • contact allies in LN7, go to Act 3, Scene 2.
  • check out ‘Half-Time Nursery & Landscaping Services’. (Go to Act 4, Scene 1.)
NOTE: This adventure is not sanctioned in any way, shape or form by Fantasy Flight. It is not an official product, and I am in no way affiliated with them or they with me. There is no relationship between us. This adventure is mine, for fun, and for you, because some of you asked me to finish it.

Also, if you like this adventure and want to play it, please go buy the official rulebooks from somewhere where the original creators and publisher of the setting will be paid. I got mine from a Melbourne game store, but I’ve found PDF versions of the Player's Handbook and the Gamemaster's Handbook are now available from DriveThruFiction. If you enjoy their world, this is the best way to thank them.



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