PokemonGo: Raid Woes Continue, but Niantic is Working on it

Last week, I said I couldn’t access raids at gyms. As of yesterday, I was still having trouble, but I was still happy to discover that Niantic is onto the problem, so I’m hopeful the issues I’m having will be resolved over time. Yesterday’s experiment involved trying to join the raid towards the end of the time period, so I can now safely say that none of the following affect my ability to join raids:

  • Automatic time and date (already set);
  • Staying in range of the Gym;
  • Leaving the Gym, then moving out of the range of the Gym and then back into it, and rejoining the raid;
  • Internet connection; (no problems with this at the time);
  • Version of PokemonGo (the app is up to date);
  • Uninstalling PokemonGo, and reinstalling the game from scratch (and turning off the phone in between);
  • Closing and reopening PokemonGo, either by minimising it, or by turning the application off, and then opening it as a fresh instance;
  • Trying a different raid location;
  • Raiding alone;
  • Raiding with a friend;
  • Raiding at a different time of day.

I have noticed that each new raid has an option to ‘Rejoin’ the raid, even when I haven’t started participating yet, and that the annotation ‘Private Group’ still appears when I open the Gym and a raid is on. When I was trying raids with a friend, he noted that he could see me in the raid, for the nano-second or so it took for the red “Error” banner to appear, and then I was gone, again.

I’m thinking it’s just a matter of time before it’s resolved and I just need to wait it out.

If you, too, are encountering raid issues, you can find more information, and check out the Niantic team’s progress addressing this issue at the following links:

In the meantime, these are the screenshots from my latest attempt:



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