Sunday, 23 July 2017

Be Vewy, Vewy, Quiet... We are Hunting Spinaraks...

So, second walk today was all about the spinaraks.

Basically, we have the Palmerville Heritage Park nearby. Although there is usually a ton of pokemon in this park, and you need to stock up on pokeballs if you want to "catch them all", I've also noticed that there is always a concentration of one particular type.

A few weeks ago, it was teddiursa. This week, it was spinarak - with a definite uptick of chicoritas towards the end of the day. If you take a look at the pictures above, you'll see both. I'd predict that this week will be a good one for catching these in the park - although I have been known to be wrong. This is what came up on the scanner as I was leaving the park.

So,I took a writing break this afternoon, and spent an hour and a bit hunting down the little arachnoidal insects, and stuffing them into pokeballs. They were fairly feisty.

But did I catch any?

Well, yes. Yes I did.

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