This Week's New Pokemon: Larvitar, Hatchlings, Double Everything, and Still No Raids for Me

I started back on my exercise routine on Sunday, combining Ingress and PokemonGo with a bit of family time, so not a lot of gaming went on, but it was enough. The company was enjoyable, and great delight was taken in seeing sheep in a nearby field, dogs out with their families, and small birds doing their best to remain unseen. Oh, and there were attempted tonsil pictures... Don't ask; it's a kid thing. Anyway, the day, by 10 a.m. was absolutely glorious!

To be honest, I didn't expect much out of today's jaunt, just some stop spins, and the incidental catch, but Old Palmerville has this tendency to have a concentration of one type of pokemon, amidst all the rest - and there are a lot of pokemon, there. This week, it seems to be spinarak. I like spinarak. I caught 3, but saw around a half dozen in the short time I was there.

The highlight of the walk, apart from a very cute bull terrier pup, was catching this little larvitar. It's not the best at battling, but it's the first I've seen, so - yay!

And note the new trainer doing the pokemon assessments! It's so nice to see a new face! Makes me wish I had a picture of the one before her, so I could keep a chronology of them. I like these changes.

I also had a brand new hatchling to play with, just as I got home. This lovely little dratini arrive just after I got through the front door.

For the curious, it can battle with the best of them, has great Defence, and the best stats that trainer has ever seen. I can't complain about that!

I went for another walk later in the afternoon, and hatched another two eggs. From the two kilometre egg, I hatched this:

From the five kilometre egg, I hatched this:

And, finally, I noticed that I was receiving double the candy, double the stardust, and pretty much double the everything else for pokemon catches on Sunday. Nice one! I'm guessing that it had something to do with Pokemon Go Fest 2017 over in Chicago - which is very cool, and much appreciated over here on this side of the world.


Only downer this week, and that's even with keeping the pokego app updated. It usually doesn't bother me, except, on my afternoon walk on Sunday (done on my own), I saw this:

I know I couldn't have beaten it on my own, but still...

The Evee Project

As well as spinarak, I also like eevees, and I have kept quite a lot of them so that I can power them up and then upgrade them into the most powerful evolved forms I can manage. Today, I kicked that project off by switching out my ivysaur for my most powerful eevee. While stardust will always take time to get, candy is also going to be a problem, so it’s time to address that.


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