Babes in London: Act Three, Scene 3D (Part 3: Final Battle Flashback—Aftermath)


When the battle is over, read or paraphrase the following, altering it to fit the circumstances:

With the Setites, and the dragon freed, you head for the surface. This time, though, the tunnels seem darker than before, and you catch a faint whiff of taint. What were the Setites doing? And, even as you wonder, the darkness twists, and you find yourself right back where you started, leaving the library, with the sound of sirens rising in the distance. If you don’t go soon, you might have some explaining to do.

Play out the end of the scene according to the PCs’ decisions. They can leave before the authorities arrive (and they may wish to, if they are trying to leave with the book in their possession), or they can stay and try to explain things to the police and/or LN7.

NOTE: This adventure is not sanctioned in any way, shape or form by Fantasy Flight. It is not an official product, and I am in no way affiliated with them or they with me. There is no relationship between us. This adventure is mine, for fun, and for you, because some of you asked me to finish it.

Also, if you like this adventure and want to play it, please go buy the official rulebooks from somewhere where the original creators and publisher of the setting will be paid. I got mine from a Melbourne game store, but I’ve found PDF versions of the Player's Handbook and the Gamemaster's Handbook are now available from DriveThruFiction. If you enjoy their world, this is the best way to thank them.


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