The Story Match Challenge—Day 20: July 26, 2015

Up late this morning—0730—so a very slow start to the day. I took a look at Dean’s blog and discovered he’d been very busy with WMG Publishing business as well as creating a new series of lectures about turning short stories into novels, which sounds pretty exciting. After reading the blog, I decided to write up the poems I’d written in my notebook during the week, and to get to day’s poetry written, formatted and in the collection. That took until 1030. I followed this with the flash fiction, which I didn’t finish until after lunch (1440).
Knowing I had a movie date with my little one at 1500, I took a look at the word goal for the day—2,400— and then randomly rolled my title. The result was: 19-Memory’s, and 26-the Vampire, which I tentatively morphed into Memory’s Vampire. With only 10 minutes to go before the agreed movie time, I started to type and was then distracted by the necessary administration for the stories and poems I had written yesterday. I may not finish this story today, but we shall see.
Challenge Results:
Story Match: Partial—Memory’s Vampire (urban fantasy; 171 words)
Poetry: Complete; 3 poems; 237 words
Flash Fiction: Complete; 3 flash; 1,123 words
Total Words for the Day: 3,615


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