The Story Match Challenge—Day 23: July 29, 2015

Another 0500 start. Very quickly looked over the word goal—3,200— and random-rolled the title: 03-column 2-Souls and 85-Serpent, which I morphed into Souls of the Serpent. No real time for short fiction today. Tuesdays are my long day, but Wednesdays are the days I run. I did more research for my essay, realising as I did so that I could apply the research to my steampunk setting and maybe even RPG development. Yay—but right now, I had an assignment to right. Spent two-and-a-half hours studying Russian history. Wow. Got the littlest off to school and left the oldest at home, not feeling well at 0850. Caught my first bus at 0912, hit the library at 0940, my first class at 1000, my second class at 1100, my third class at 1300 and my bus at 1408 so I could eat (1430) and pick my littlest up at 1500. Got home and got straight into doing the readings for next week, in preparation for getting the next assignment done.
Somehow I managed to start a piece of flash fiction on the morning bus, but didn’t complete it.
Total Words for the Day: 731 of class preparation and unknown fiction and notes for assignment.


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