The Story Match Challenge—Day 21: July 27, 2015

Monday. First lecture at 0900. I got up at 0500 and checked out the word target (3,150 words) and Dean’s blog, and then decided to try something new for the day—hand-writing the story while at university and on the bus. With that in mind, I random-rolled the title 65-column 1-Fate of, and 03-column 2-in the Sun, which morphed to Fate in the Sun. Once that was decided, I wound up my emails and got stuck into making sure my littlest was ready for school, and so was I. I said goodbye at 0730 and caught the bus. The story writing started fine. I even wrote through my first lecture and by the end of the day estimated I was close to 1500 words. Going home, I realised I had more readings to do for Wednesday and that I should select books from the library  for the next assignment, and that was the end of creative writing for the day. Total Words for the Day: Unknown, a typed word count will be done towards the end of the week.


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