Finding My Feet (A New Kind of Challenge)

So, back in June, I got to thinking about this whole writing-as-a-possible-career thing…

I decided I’d need to step up my game if I was to be a successful indie writer, so I looked at what I had achieved, and what I hadn’t, and knew I needed to revamp my publishing schedule. Since regular releases are important, I decided I wouldn’t do a mass release of everything I’d finished, but work to do a fortnightly release during the semester while I was studying. I also discovered I was supposed to upload a copy of each published work to the National Library of Australia in order remain in line with the Copyright Act of 1968. That was a lot of work.

To this end, I prioritised my release schedule set-up over my writing, and my legal obligations. I spent the second week of my university break uploading ninety per cent of my C.M. Simpson Publishing titles to the National Library of Australia, and then started on preparing a fortnightly release schedule for my short stories. By the end of the third week, I had all bar one of my short stories uploaded, and I was out of time—school holidays had hit, meaning I had a small person at home and in need of attention, and my study materials were due to arrive on the Monday of the week following. Playtime was most definitely over, and it was time to try and work on meshing my writing schedule with my study schedule, with minimal publishing until the end of exams in November.

And, four weeks into the semester, it’s time to re-assess, once more.


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