Writer Fitness: Ingressing

Before Pokemon Go came along, I was looking for a way to help motivate myself to go for longer walks. Old injuries mean I don't do running, or biking, and that means extended low impact exercise is important. Being borderline Type II Diabetes, AND getting over the effects of a prolonged period of stress and being bullied meant exercise was important, so I asked my Facebook friends for suggestions... and one of the things that came back was "Try Ingress".

So I did - and I loved it.

Since November 28 last year, I have walked just over 950 kilometres, lost weight and seen a reduction in health problems such as back ache, duration and severity of the flu, and blood pressure. All good.

I'd like to see I've met a ton of new friends, but I haven't really done that. I've met people on-line who play, but I haven't been able to make get-togethers, so I haven't gotten to know them yet, but that's okay. Not making gatherings, doesn't mean I can't play, and that's also a plus.

So, in addition to the Pokemon Go thing, I do the Ingress thing, and I thought I'd write a short post each week on something Ingress, whether it's a new badge, a new mission, a bit of how-to based on stuff I wish I'd known, or whatever.

This week, I just thought I'd hang it out there and say 'hi' to anyone else who plays - and just see if there's anything anyone wants to know in specific, before I go into generalities.

So, Hi there. Saturdays will be the talk-about-Ingress day on this blog - for as long as I can manage it.

And now... it's time to move.


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