Writer Fitness: Last Week's Pokemon

I have to admit, I don't like going for walks, but I DO like the effects, and now I have an added incentive. Apologies in advance for all of you who don't like pokemon, but my kids do, and I'm finding it a great way to encourage myself to get out of the house and walk AND to spend time with my kids who love catching these little guys just as much as I do. Once a week, I'll post the poke-catch results for the week... and list the ones that got away. I'll also try to remember to post something about the location, if I go anywhere outside my neighbourhood. So, enough chit-chat from me. Here they are:

On Saturday I caught:

a weedle.... and a rattata that wanted to sit on my knee.

On Sunday, I caught:

a rattata that tried to impede my progress.

On Monday, I had better luck, and I caught:

a pidgeotto at the playground, a pidgy on my hat, and a pidgy the wasn't going to let me pass...

... and then there were the three rattatas who appeared in quick succession... and were caught the same way,

followed by a zubat and a psyduck who met me on the way home... so I obliged by carrying them the rest of the way.

As for the one's that got away, well, I'll catch them some other time.


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