Babes in London: Act One, Babes in London: Act One, Scene Three (Part 2—LN7 & the Gehenna Consortium)

Yesterday, I gave you the options for direct interactions with the family and the park environs. Today, I’ll give you the parts for dealing with LN7 and the Gehenna Consortium.

  • Following the LN7 Operatives: as those operatives leave the family house means that the operatives stop at a local pub, bar, coffee-house, or restaurant, where PCs are able to approach and speak to them.

They look like ordinary Joes—her with denim jeans, heavy cotton t-shirt with a dolphin scene printed on the front, him in a work suit without the jacket. And they brought the dog. The dog is an Alsatian, some German Shepherd sort of thing, but fluffy and way too alert. The other patrons in here are giving it a wide berth. As you approach the happy grin on its face disappears, its jaws snap shut, and it becomes very still. As if aware the sudden tension in the air will draw more attention than he’d like, the guy in the half suit waves you over.
“It’s about time you got here.”
The people around you relax. The dog doesn’t. Not even the tip of its tail moves in greeting.

The LN7 operatives are as interested in the PCs as the PCs are in them. They won’t say who they work for, only that it’s an organization that’s concerned for the children’s welfare. They ask what the PCs are “poking around for”; “it’s a felony to harass kids, you know”. If the PCs are polite about it, and say they are looking for someone, but aren’t interested in the children, the agents leave it at that. If the PCs mention the Seer of Cathach, the agents become more interested and ask what connection the Seer has with the children. Neither of them laugh, if the PCs reveal they think one of the children is the reincarnated form of the Seer, but they immediately invite the party to accompany them to a more private venue to discuss the theory. If the party won’t go, the operatives leave anyway; there is no way they want to be discussing this kind of thing in front of Joe Public. If the PCs state they, too. are interested in the children’s welfare, then the operatives offer to pay each of them £100 a day to place a 24-hour watch on the families, starting in the morning. If the PCs accept the offer, they will be considered ‘Friends of LN7’. Whether or not they accept the offer, they will be watched by the group for some time to come.

  • Following the Gehenna Consortium Operatives: The Gehenna Consortium goons have noticed the PCs in the park. They are just as interested in the party as the party is in them. They lead any PC who follows them for several blocks, taking what at first appears to be a fairly direct route, then turn off into a side street lined by houses. Once the PCs follow them into the side street read, or paraphrase, the following:

 You’re about half-way down a suburban block of houses, when the car in front of you steps on the gas, and then pivots sideways to block the road. Behind you, a dark blue limousine with heavily-tinted windows glides out of a laneway and parks across the street. You’re trapped—unless someone in the houses on either side of the road decides to call the police, or come to your rescue. From the way curtains are suddenly closed, you’d guess the latter just ain’t about to happen.
         As soon as you’ve decided this, the front doors of the four houses on either side of you open, car doors slam behind you, and the woman in the passenger’s seat of the car you’ve been following steps out into the street.

Give the players time to decide how their PCs react. If they decide to do anything violent, have them role initiative. At this point, the mooks all draw their glocks and begin approaching the car cautiously. Before action starts read, or paraphrase, the following:

 As you get ready to fight, the lady from the car calls out to you: “Excuse me, but didn’t you want a word?”

If the PCs respond positively to the suggestion, the mooks put their glocks away and the woman invites them to meet her ‘at Mandy’s Bar and Beans', a coffee shop and bar located in a not too distant shopping center. If they react hostilely, she gets back into the car and waits until the PCs are subdued and taken into one of the houses, or until the mooks are defeated— at which point she casts slow the living, and has her driver leave the scene.

Era Modern; Race Natural being; APL 0; Init 6; Aspects Fire 4, Water 3, Air 2, Earth 2; Health 2m; <3 / 3+ / 6+ / 9+ / 12+ / 15+ / 18+ / 21+; Size/Reach 0/2 ft.; Armor 0; Stride 20 ft. (Moderate)
Glock 22 22 ~ range 100 ft. ~ reload 1/3, Night Stick 5/M, Fist 3/L, Kick 4/M, Sequences Street Fighting, Underhanded
Agg F8 / W3 / A0 / E0 – Power + Power + Night Stick: Dmg +10, Daze
Neut F4 / W3 / A2 / E2 – L Fist + R Fist + Ready + L Fist: Disadvantage (physical) 1
Def F1 / W6 / A2 / E2 – Spin + Ready + Fist: Dmg +5, disadvantage (mental) 2
Skills Athletics 3, Knowledge: London 2, Knowledge: Street 2, Melee 4, Quickness 3, Ranged 3, Senses 1, Stamina 3; Edges Aggressive 1 (Ranged), Daunting 2

Era Modern; Race Natural being; APL 1; Init 8; Aspects Fire 2, Water 3, Air 4, Earth 3; Health 3m; <3 / 3+ / 6+ / 9+ / 12+ / 15+ / 18+ / 21+; Size/Reach 0 / 2; Armor 0; Karma 15; Stride 20 ft. (Moderate)
Colt Python Elite 24 ~ range 150 ft. ~ reload 1/6 Fist 3/L, Kick 4/M, Sequences Nil
Skills Athletics 2, Casting 4, Interaction 4, Ka 2, Knowledge: Ancient Cultures 2, Knowledge: London 4, Knowledge: Occult 2, Knowledge: Religion 2, Melee 2, Quickness 2, Ranged 2, Senses 2, Trickery 3, Will 3; Edges Allies 3, Casting 2, Mentor 2, Network: Occult 2, Network: Academic World 2; Spells Rank 1 – Beguile, Buzz Kill (A); Rank 2 – Aegis (B), Slow the Living (D); Traits Supernatural heritage (fae)

The Gehenna Consortium does not know about the Seer of Cathach. All they know is that their own people have located a ‘being of power’ in the area of the park. They had begun to suspect that the source might be one of the two girls who visit the park, and that is why they dispatched Alice.
They want to know what interests the PCs have in the children. If the PCs admit to being interested in the children’s welfare, Alice asks them if they’re willing to keep the girls under surveillance for the next few days. The Consortium is willing to pay £100/day per PC if the group can keep a 24 hour watch on the girls starting from the following morning.
If the PCs mention anything to do with their search for the Seer of Cathach, Alice can promise them access to research resources in the future to help find the seer. (She, of course, carries this news back to her masters at the Consortium, who are very interested in finding out who the Seer is and, more importantly, what her connection to the PCs might be.) No matter how this encounter turns out, the Consortium diverts a minor portion of its vast array of resources into keeping watch on the PCs and discovering who they really are. If the PCs accept the mission of watching over the girls and their families, they become known as ‘Friends of the Gehenna Consortium’.


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