Possible Cover and Round 1 Edit Complete—Freeman’s Choice

Freeman’s Choice. This science-fiction-fantasy blend took me twenty years to complete, as I tried to do the ‘sensible’ thing, and ‘get a “real” job’. Now, it seems I am doing the sensible thing, and this novel will see the light of day, but should it see the light of day?
If I were starting out in this crazy career, just this minute, in this new world of publishing options, it would have seen the light of day without twenty-six years of experience behind it. When it hits the shelves, it will be the best story it can be, and I can’t do better than that.
Will the next one be better? Well, I’ve been writing for six more years since I finished this one, so there will be a difference. But will it be better or worse?
I always work towards better, but every reader decides for themselves, and our opinions don’t always align. There are some stories I don’t particularly enjoy writing, or that I enjoy but I don’t think will find an audience, and the readers love them—and there are others I thought were good, but which the readers don’t seem to like as much. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not my place to judge, only to do the best I can to produce something you guys will hopefully enjoy, and then let you be the judge.
Every story is different—the audience won’t be the same for each one.
I have also started on the cover. So far, it stands at this, but I can’t help feeling all I've got is the background, and that I really need something front and centre. I just don't know what, but I have a couple more weeks to sort it out, so we'll see.


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