Babes in London: Act One, Preparation and Scene One

A Note on Maps: I haven’t made any, but I have provided descriptions. You will need to create your own maps prior to play.



For All Scenes: Create any necessary maps from the descriptions provided, prior to play.
For Scene 1: Familiarize yourself with the playground and its surrounds.
For Scene 2: All players should be acquainted with their dragon forms by now. They should also have nominated the form, or forms, they can take using the Alternate Form power. If you have a new player, you should take time to work out their draconic form prior to play. If they have not, and you don’t want to spoil the surprise, nominate an appropriate form for the mythic land of Albion (last mythic epoch) that the player can incorporate into their draconic description later. You might also wish to have some quick-play dragon stats they can choose from prior to the session, which can be personalised later. The PCs, at this point in the mythic age, have been searching for the Seer of Cathach and found her. They have wended their way through the forest in an alternate form that disguises their true identities and which makes it easier to move along narrow trails or through thick undergrowth—because the Seer’s representatives requested they go incognito. When the scene starts they are in their alternate forms.
For Scene 3: Make sure you are familiar with the NPCs, and the possible paths the PCs might follow.

Rewards: A list of potential rewards is given at the end of this Act. However, these should act as a guide or baseline, and any additional rewards should be noted during play so they can also be awarded.


In their search for the Serpent’s Torc, the PCs have learned the Seer of Cathach can give them the clues they need in order to discover its whereabouts. The person they consulted regarding the Seer’s location has sent them to this park in the south of London. Read or paraphrase the following when they arrive:

22-90 Latham Road is a park. You can tell it’s a park because there are swings, a graffitied picnic table with bench seats, a climbing frame, a jungle gym with a slide, a see-saw, and a worn-looking round-a-bout. The grass is longer than it should be, and a small public toilet block stands off to one side. Elm trees provide a rim of shade. Not surprisingly, the park is empty—save for two young girls sitting on the edge of the round-a-bout. Their heads are bent together as they whisper to each other but, occasionally, they glance warily at their surroundings. One of these glances falls on you and suddenly you find yourself under the joint gaze of eyes blue as sapphires and green as an emerald star. The air around you shimmers.


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