The Writing Life: The What and Why

I’m going to start up, or restart, a series of posts titled ‘The Writing Life:’. These will consist of things that I’ve found important as a writer, things that have made me stop and think, and mostly just my thought processes and opinions. If it bothers me, and it has something to do with writing, or being a writer, or the business of writing, you’ll find it here. And because these posts will be dealing with my thoughts on writing as I find my way in this crazy old business, they might even get contradictory, or even, heavens forbid, get it wrong. They’re not intended to be a ‘how to’ series to give direction, they’re just going to be my own thoughts and my own opinions. If you think something in them makes sense for you to try, go ahead. If not, then don’t. What I’m doing is taking a leaf out of the book of more experienced writers, and sharing what I learn along the way. Some of it will be useful to you, and some of it won’t, but you can decide for yourself what might, or might not, be relevant to your own writing journey.


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