Babes in London: Act Three, Scene 3-3A (Part 1: Introduction & Library Investigation)


How the PCs decide to investigate the disc will dictate which of the following sub-scenes they encounter. If they decide to visit a library of any type, including one at a university or museum, without consulting with an expert, go to Scene 3A – Follow-up (Library Investigation). If they decide to seek a university-based expert, go to Scene 3B – Follow-up (University Investigation). If they decide to seek a museum-based expert, go to Scene 3C – Follow-up (Museum Investigation). Their choice of investigation decides the contact, or contacts, they make during this phase of their investigations.


Note: If PCs have already encountered the beby and gained information on the cult of Set, GMs may need to make some adjustments to the boxed text below. While no new information is gained, and the professor also has a copy of the book, the beby is still summoned to protect it. If PCs have already played Final Battle, that scene does not occur again.

Your path has led you to the National Library in London, and then your enquiries led to you this man – Sir Thomas Jamieson, an expert in Egyptian mythology and artefacts. He appears around 50 years of age, and is of a slender, wiry build. His bright blue eyes show a lively curiosity and intelligence, and there is strength in his grip as he shakes your hand in greeting:
“Glad to meet you,” he says, “The front desk said you had something rather interesting to show me.” The front desk has said nothing of the kind to you, greeting you with poker-faced formality.
“My office is this way,” Sir Jamieson says, turning to lead you through a door marked ‘Staff Only’.

Sir Thomas takes the PCs to his office, where he asks  to see the disc If the PCs show him, he is so excited that his fingers tremble slightly. The PCs need to let him handle it so he can make a more thorough examination. When they agree to do so, read, or paraphrase, the following:

Sir Thomas handles the piece carefully, turning it over twice before fitting a magnifying monocle to his eye to inspect the inscription. “Ah, yes,” he says. “Egyptian, by the looks. Now I seem to remember….” He breaks off, taking the monocle out of his eye, looking thoughtful, as he rises from his seat. “If you follow me, I think we can find it somewhere in Stack Four.”
He leads you from his office, and down a set of stairs. “Now, we don’t usually allow this,” he says, “but as I don’t quite know the reference and guess you would be reluctant to let the disc out of your sight… and seeing as Stack Four is under my jurisdiction anyway…”
After descending another two flights of stairs, Sir Thomas stops at a non-descript reddish-brown door. “Here we are,” he says. “Now, follow me quietly, if you please. No talking.”
He opens the door to reveal rows and rows of book shelves. He navigates these as though he has sought out this book thousands of times before, finally stopping in front of one particular shelf. He hands you back the disc, and runs his fingers lightly along the spines of the books. Finally, he selects one titled “Ye Symbolls of the Anciente Worlde”.
“This should be the one,” he murmurs, flicking pages. “Ah, yes,” he says, opening it to a page where a diagram of the symbol on the disc has been drawn. “ We’ll take a closer look at it back in my office, shall we?”
Before you can reply, the disc in your hand grows warm, emitting a reddish glow. For an instant, there is a searing pain against your flesh, followed by a light too bright to see through, and then a thunderous roar shakes the book shelves and Sir Thomas takes an involuntary step back towards you.
“Oh dear,” he says.
Give the PCs time to react and roll initiative, then read, or paraphrase the following:
Oh dear, indeed. The creature before you seems to be some horrendous cross between a hippopotamus, crocodile and lion. Behind you, you hear Sir Thomas whisper: “Oh my, a beby…”

Any PC may attempt a Mental (Knowledge: Ancient Cultures or Mythology: Egypt) test (TH4) to recognize the creature as a ‘beby’, the creature that eats the hearts of those whose hearts fail when judged for entry into the Egyptian afterlife. A TH6 success reveals that the devouring god had animal counterparts in earlier mythic ages.
At this point, the beby that has been summoned to protect the disc, and kill anyone trying to discover the identity of the group behind it, attacks.

Battle Space: It is possible to battle the beby in this space, but difficult. The library stacks are ten feet tall, and spaced three feet (one metre) apart, but there is an open area some twenty by thirty feet (or approximately four by six metres) wide in the centre. Desks and tables are scattered throughout this space providing places for study. PCs who are able to, may choose to manifest draconic traits in order to battle it, however, size is an issue when fighting among the stacks. If PCs manifest their draconic body they gain a -2 penalty when fighting in the stacks, PCs in human form gain a -1 penalty. This penalty affects all actions, such as dodging, that rely on manoeuvrability for success.

NPC reactions: During the battle, librarians and patrons scatter out of the path of combatants and make for the exits, although someone calls the police and both LN7 and the Consortium learn of the encounter. While the Consortium stays away, relying on an informant for the outcome, LN7 hurries to the scene in order to protect the humans. However, they arrive after the battle is over and the creature has disappeared. Sir Thomas Jamieson: is one of the beby’s main targets, but the creature does not attack him unless it crosses where he is standing during the battle (in which case it takes a quick swipe or bite at him as it passes), or unless there is no other opponent that is more dangerous. The professor stays for the fight, but tries to keep at least one PC between him and the beby, at all times, and films the encounter on his mobile phone. He later uploads the video, along with comments and pictures to social media.

Era: Mythic
Race: Supernatural Animal
APL: 4
Aspects: Fire 6 (4), Water 5 (4), Air 2, Earth 2
Initiative: 8
Health: km; <5 / 10+ / 15+ / 20+ / 25+ / 30+ / 35+
Size/Reach: 1 / 5 ft
Armor: 6
Taint: 10
Stride: 30 ft
—Bite: 18H
—Foreclaw (2): 8M
—Hindclaw (2): 12M (Grab ready requirement)
—Tail: 8M
Sequences: Ravager
Agg—F9/W6/A0/E2—Power + Power + L Foreclaw Strike + Power +R Foreclaw Strike
Skills: Athletics 9, Interaction 2, Melee 7, Stamina 7, Quickness 6, Senses 8, Stealth 4, Will 4
Edges: Action Junkie, Aggressive, Brutal, Daunting
Powers: Undeterred
Traits: Tainted
Tactics: The beby has only one mission: to destroy all those present when the description of the symbol on the disc was found. This includes Sir Thomas, who will be most grateful if PCs save his life. If successful, the PCs will earn the reward Friend of Sir Thomas Jamieson.

NOTE: This adventure is not sanctioned in any way, shape or form by Fantasy Flight. It is not an official product, and I am in no way affiliated with them or they with me. There is no relationship between us. This adventure is mine, for fun, and for you, because some of you asked me to finish it.

Also, if you like this adventure and want to play it, please go buy the official rulebooks from somewhere where the original creators and publisher of the setting will be paid. I got mine from a Melbourne game store, but I’ve found PDF versions of the Player's Handbook and the Gamemaster's Handbook are now available from DriveThruFiction. If you enjoy their world, this is the best way to thank them.


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