Progress Report: Week 2, July 2015

This week, I enacted change – and a lot of writing happened. I’m pretty happy with this.


  • New words produced: 28,616
  • Old words revised: 0
  • Works completed: 39 (4 stand-alone short stories; 35 shorter works for incorporation into 4 longer collections)
  • Works revised: 0
  • Covers created: 0
  • Works published: 0
  • Works submitted: 0
  • Competitions Entered: 0
  • Bloggery: 8,225

Publishing Tasks

New Arrivals

The following pieces arrived last week:

  • Poem569—Voices in the Mist: Don’t Look Back: a horror poem about things in the mist;
  • Poem570—We Dwell Among You: a series of reverse cinquains forming a crown cinquain about hidden protectors;
  • Poem571—First Days at University: a series of cinquains forming another crown cinquain inspired by the young folk I go to university with;
  • Poem572—In the Creativity…: a short series of verses about what some writers find in being creativity;
  • Poem573—The Kelpie Trap: a fantasy poem about kelpies;
  • Poem574—Moonlit Promise: a series of englyn penfyr verses about a promise being kept;
  • Poem575—The Answers in Your Mind: a series of englyn milwr verses about finding the answers within;
  • Poem576—A Long Time Away: a science fiction verse about finding a place for friends even when you haven’t heard from them for a long time;
  • Poem577—Overthrown: a science fiction crown cinquain about the conquered;
  • Poem578—Human Vic’try: a science fiction series of englyn unodl union verses to do with human defiance;
  • Poem579—Bright in the Medilo: a science fiction poem about another encounter with the Medilo swamp’s inhabitants;
  • Poem580—Alone with the Throne: an englyn about doing the right thing at personal cost;
  • Poem581—Waiting for Judgement: a poem set in the world Odyssey and Koschade’s Grove;
  • Poem582—The Sea Troll in the Sand: a poem about a sea troll;
  • Poem583—Two Worlds, New Worlds: an urban fantasy poem about two worlds meeting;
  • Poem584—Living through Time: a speculative poem about living and life;
  • Poem585—Where You Go: a poem of mourning;
  • Poem586—The Pirate Ship: a series of haiku like verses describing star pirates
  • ShortStory463—Treating with the Ilycrom: a piece of science flash fiction about a treaty and the role of dogs on another world;
  • ShortStory464—Living Legends: a piece of science flash fiction based on the military tradition.
  • ShortStory465—Right-Crossing Rutherford: a piece of science flash fiction about the practice of archaeology on another world;
  • ShortStory466—Flip-Side Farewell: a piece of science flash fiction about alternative means of travel;
  • ShortStory467—Why the Rain Falls: a piece of science flash fiction about an alternative ecology;
  • ShortStory468—The Plibisek Alliance: a piece of science flash fiction about an alliance of convenience;
  • ShortStory469—Colonial Error: a piece of speculative flash fiction about the errors of colonialism;
  • ShortStory470—Corporate Life after the Sheparwar Invasion: a piece of flash science fiction about world corporations, international bodies and alien negotiations;
  • ShortStory471—Retirement: a piece of flash science fiction about retirement;
  • ShortStory472—Returning to the Sky: a piece of flash science fiction about an invasion;
  • ShortStory474—Hammer and the Trolls: a short science-fiction-fantasy blend about rescuing royalty from trolls;
  • ShortStory475—Hasken’s Luck: a piece of science fiction flash about arriving on a colony world;
  • ShortStory476—Tani’s Fate: a piece of science fiction flash about Odyssey recruitment;
  • ShortStory477—The Starmen and the Sand: a piece of science fiction flash about colonisation;
  • ShortStory475—A Question of Rabbits: a piece of science fiction flash about rabbits;
  • ShortStory476—Eye of the Elves: a piece of fantasy flash fiction about an elven seer;
  • ShortStory479Miss Delight’s Mistake:a science fiction short story about an investigation of disappearing family members and other tourists;
  • ShortStory480Tischa’s Rescue: an urban fantasy short story about the rescue of Tischa and a bunch of pixies;
  • ShortStory481—Melerom Joins the Dance: a science fiction story about a humanoid reptile exploring the stars;
  • ShortStory482—Tamran’s Trees: a piece of speculative flash fiction about one man’s attachment to a tree

The following pieces arrived earlier this year and have only just been assigned a work code:

  • NonFiction7A;
  • NonFiction7B;
  • NonFiction7C.

The following pieces arrived this week and are currently incomplete:

  • ShortStory473—The Sevarine Sidestep: a short science fiction about family betrayal and personal independence;
  • ShortStory478—To be Titled: an Australian steampunk tale;
  • TchNotes4A: a set of classroom activities;
  • YANovel27—A Planet’s Ransom: about some young people and a planet’s ransom.


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