The Story Match Challenge—Day 6: July 12, 2015

Word target for today’s story was around 4,350. Once that’s done, the plan was for more editing, admin, or maybe some more writing.
In the end, that wasn’t how it happened. After sleeping late and waking feeling under the weather, I found I couldn’t concentrate on the story, so I did some of the administration that needed to be done, hoping my head would clear.
That worked to some extent, and I finally got the story underway, some five hours into the day. About an hour after that, I had to go and sleep. I was hoping I’d feel better when I woke. And I did, only realising I’d been sick that morning because I felt well when I woke. I got back to writing and the story started to develop nicely, but other responsibilities interrupted and I had to stop.
I returned to it after dinner, and typed until 11:15 pm. The story (The Royal Starman in the Moon-science fiction) has reached 2,674 words, and two other stories also demanded a start along the way (The Pink Unicorn-140 words; The Accursed Rug-262 words; and an untitled piece-293 words).
So, today was an overall challenge fail, but I’m still happy with the stories that have been begun.
Tomorrow, I hope to feel better.
Word Total: 3,594


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