The Story Match Challenge—Day 8: July 14, 2015

Yesterday’s word goal was 2,400 words… and the day before’s was supposed to be 1,900. Oh well, I doubt the story would have listened, anyway. I had a stop-start sort of day, constant interruptions from my five-year-old, and university administration to undertake. I swear they throw the lecturers in at the deep-end.
I managed to sign up to all my classes, and take a look over all the readings I needed to do, and I made a start on the first essay and readings for next week’s classes.
By the time the dinner routine came around, I had reached 1,600 words by 6 p.m. I got side-tracked by family and the bed-time routine and then managed to fit in some language learning before getting back to the writing around 10 p.m. By midnight, I had 3,400 words of story complete, and the feeling that this one might grow into something longer at a later date.
Today’s title started out as a randomly rolled Servants Pinnacle, before morphing into The Servants of Pinnacle Rock, which changed to In Service to the Pinnacle by the end of the story. Also, by the end of the story, I realised this was going to be a tale from an organisation known as Odyssey, so I added A Tale from Odyssey to the end.
No poetry or flash fiction achieved, but it was a full day, and the results acceptable. I’m starting to be able to keep the stories rolling more easily, and that is a big plus.
Story Match Challenge: Complete—In Service to the Pinnacle – A Tale from Odyssey (science fiction - 3,402 words)
Total Words for the Day: 3,685


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