The Story Match Challenge—Day 11: July 17, 2015

Today, I had high hopes of writing two stories. I was feeling well, had caught up on my sleep, and got into the writing shortly after getting up. To be honest, I could probably still get another story done, but only if I stayed up until midnight, and didn’t do some of the lesson prep I neglected yesterday.
So, even though I’m still fizzing from finishing the latest short story, I have to settle down and do the readings for Monday’s classes—even if one of them might not run. I have had a blast, today. I wrote another science fiction piece and it ended up being another Odyssey tale, and Miss Delight made another cameo. Have to say, I like this universe.
Anyway, the day started with me very optimistically rolling two titles. The first one, and the one I worked on today came out as 37-The Tale’s and 57-Slumber, which I left en situ right up until the very end, when it morphed into The Taleteller’s Slumber.
I was aiming at 3,350 words and at 2,700 words I was sure I would just about make it. That was after 3 hours typing. I finished the story at 7.p.m., at 5,926 words. All in all, I’m very pleased with the day. Still buzzing, still happy. Even without the usual flash fiction or poetry met, it has been a good day.
Story Match: CompleteThe Taletellers’ Slumber (science fiction - 5,926 words)
Word Total for the Day: 6,183


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