First Words—July 11-13, 2018

I have written every day for the last three days, but forgotten to post them here—and I have a long day ahead today, so I’ll keep it short.

July 11—October’s Short Story

Today, I sat in the old gum tree, looking at the ground below. A footpath left a concrete barrier between the edge of the road and the sparse, dry grass beneath me. I’d been sitting there for almost an hour when I finally saw what I’d been waiting for—a unicorn, trotting happily down the middle of the road, its hooves tap, tap, tapping on the dotted centre line.
There you are, I thought, but I did not say it out loud.


July 12—October’s Short Story

I watched the tilt of its head, glad I was screened by a fine film of she-oak needles as well as gum leaves.

Whatever it was up to, it was being Hella cautious about it.
I stayed up in the tree, following the ghost-white shimmer of its fur as it doubled back towards the bridge. That was curious—as far as I knew the portal to the Other Realms only worked one way, and that was the side of the bridge I was on. The side under the she-oaks… well, I hadn’t thought to try coming through that way.

July 13—Another 365 Days of Poetry

I once lived in the forest’s shade
and hope to live there, once again.
I walked beneath the great trees,
protected from the rain.

I got up every morning,
when the early light was grey,
before the leaves above me
turned to gold in dawn’s bright rays,

And when war came to the forest,
I fled it with the rest
for none could stand against the horde
and the demon’s burning crest....

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