First Words—July 16, 2018: C.M. Simpson

I was a little slow off the mark this morning. Yesterday, I struggled to start the short story I have slated this week – just couldn’t get started, so, this morning, I sat down and listed the anthologies and collections I have in the works. Now, when I am stuck, I’ll just work my way through the list. Here are the first words completed for each project I worked on, today: 

Another 365 Days of Poetry

Prospector Denied

Written on July 16, 2018, for the March 11 entry of Another 365 Days of Poetry, this science fiction piece is about someone finding their own place and feet after being cast aside by someone they trusted.

When I called, you did not answer
and I walked the world alone
When I cried, you were not there for me
and I turned my heart to stone
When I feared, you weren’t standing at my back
and I learned to face my fear despite the lack
so don’t return and ask me
to fall down at your feet.
Don’t be hurt when I regard you
and wonder what you could offer that I’d need
I’ve journeyed far since you left me
in a fit of pique
upon a world we didn’t know
I’ve found my feet, my place, my home
so go back to your shuttle
and return to your far-flung stars

Another 365 Days of Flash Fiction

The Unicorn Operation

Written on July 16, 2018, for the July 16 entry of Another 365 Days of Flash Fiction, this piece returns us to the world of pixie-dust, and a P.O.S. officer that reminds me suspiciously of Harper…

The unicorn stood beneath the gum tree, its head up, ears alert, eyes wide. Its nostrils flared as it searched the air, scenting cinnamon and sugar. I heard the angry grumbling snort it gave, and moved closer, drawing my Glock. The ’corn noticed the movement and bobbed its head, snorting approvingly. I just hoped back-up arrived soon. It was going to be a blood bath, otherwise. All I could do was try not to let the big beast get itself killed; it would take an elf to stop it murdering every single dust-runner who’d gone under the bridge. I wasn’t ready, when it sidled over to me and bunted me with its shoulder.


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