First Words—July 22, 2018: C.M. Simpson

Last Saturday, as part of the new writing schedule, I worked on two novels. One is the fifth book in the Mack ‘n’ Me ‘n’ Odyssey series, and the other is the second book in the Lords of the Five Kingdoms series, set on the world of Tallameera.

The Priestess, the Prince & the Dragon’s Children

“Very well,” I said, and settled to the floor, ignoring the way Chushka tutted.

I was just about to open my soul to Iarius, when Chushka nudged me. Drawing a swift, sharp breath, I turned, but all thought of scolding her fled when I saw the cushion she held. She caught my look, and smiled.

“There is nothing in all the holy books I’ve ever heard of that says Iarius expects his priests to kneel on hard flagstones when they seek him—and I’m sure you can pay him better mind when you’re knees aren’t complaining of a hard, cold floor.”

She was right. There really was nothing in the books that said I had to be uncomfortable when I prayed. I suspected that it would be useful, though, to stop me from drifting off to sleep while I waited for a reply.

Mack ‘n’ Me ‘n’ Odyssey #4

Either way, we’d ended up going to Alpha 9, retrieving a missing data packet, and leaping off a balcony some ten thousand feet above the Carafakt. Tens had picked us up in a teleport beam before we’d gone more than a thousand, but it had still been one Hell of a ride.

And it wasn’t one that I wanted to repeat. I looked over at Mack, and my heart sank. He really was serious.

Damn straight, I am, Cutter.

Well, that told me.


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The first book in the Lords of Tallameera series, The Priestess, the Prince & the Dragon is currently available on most platforms, while the first three books and the short story in the Mack ‘n’ Me ‘n’ Odyssey series: Mack ‘n’ Me: Origins, The Depredides Dance, Mack ‘n’ Me: Blaedergil’s Host, and Mack ‘n’ Me: Arach are also available. The fourth book, Mack ‘n’ Me: The Transporter’s Favour will release shortly.