For Those Checking in on Babes

Babes in London was a labour of love for a game that captured my imagination. I wrote it for sheer enjoyment of the setting and I wrote it for the challenge of writing the prehistory for the characters to enjoy, which is one of the unique aspects of the game. When I put it up, I didn't realise I hadn't finished the third act, although the outline is in place. I've noticed your interest - every day for the last week and a bit and then some. Babes a non-earner for me as the company that owned it weren't interested in seeing the module when I queried and they're not open to unsolicited submissions. Because of this, I have had to prioritise work with earning potential ahead of it. Because it cannot be submitted, Babes remains an adventure written by a fan, not officially endorsed or acknowledged, but it is one I enjoyed writing. Because of your interest, I will now look at finishing it sooner rather than later, but I'm not sure it will be completed before the end of the year. I'm still working out my writing schedule, and I can't yet squeeze it in.

EDIT FEBRUARY 24, 2017: APPLEMANS: Apologies for replying here, but I've responded to each of your comments made last week twice. I have no idea why my responses aren't showing up for you - or for me, either, for that matter - so I'm putting it here. Because of your interest, I have recommenced writing Babes. It'll be slow, only about 1,000 words a week, but it'll be done by the end of the year. The latest updated post is at:, and there will be weekly updates each Friday. I'll be reposting this edit on each of the posts you've commented on, so that you know I am not ignoring you, and I will try to work out what the glitch is... I used to have to moderate my own posts, but now they're not even showing up in moderation, so I'm not sure what it is. Sorry for the delay in response. I should have the first part of the next scene up by this time next week.


  1. Sorry to poke you back on this again, I can understand the lack of monetary reason or return of investment to write the conclusion..
    If you can have a donation thing set up, I can post a link on the G+ fireborn community and help support the writing of this adventure to it's rightfull conclusion(!)
    Thanks a lot for all the work already so far, but I think it's time I get something done to now finally give the last stretch to complete this adventure once and for all :)


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