The Story Match Challenge—Day 16: July 22, 2015

I did not complete yesterday’s challenge and will not complete today’s, but I will at least nail down the title: 71-Luck Among, and 16-Servants. I am facing the idea that I may just have to accept the reality that a full university load, coupled with home responsibilities and language study means reduced writing until the assignments and readings are done for the semester.
I know, excuses, but I have to do the math: I need around 8 hours sleep; School takes 6-10 hours a day for the first three days of the week; house takes around 5 hours; travel takes 2, languages take 1-2. I’m looking at 15-19 hours a day BEFORE I even think of sleep. So far, I’ve carved out an hour in the morning to write, but it’s not my most creative time. Add the writing in and I’m looking at 16-20 hours before sleep. Hmmm…
Okay, that’s pretty self-evident, but the week’s not over. I’ll see what’s achievable around mandatory readings and essay writing over the next four, but it doesn’t look good until the assignments are done.
Let me think on that, for a little while and think about what to do next.
In the meantime, Luck Amongst Servants will be the name of my next short story, which will be aiming at a length of 5,400 words.
Dean’s blog makes some very interesting observations on looking at your stories as investment, pricing and approaching writing as a business. Go check it out.
Story Match Incomplete.
Total Words for the Day: 1,163


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