Progress Report: Week 3, July 2015

This week was one steep learning curve. I managed to be comfortably writing a short story a day by the end of the week, but the progress was lumpy. So far I have completed 9 short stories as part of the Story Match Challenge, but I have only just started to work out how a balanced daily routine will look. University starts on Monday, and my littlest goes back to school, so the routine will have to be reworked once again. No doubt, I’m looking at some near-misses and a whole lot of change, but the journey is well worth the travel.


New words produced: 29,029
Old words revised: 0
Works completed: 0
Works revised: 0
Covers created: 0
Works published: 0
Works submitted: 0
Competitions Entered: 0
Bloggery: 3,219

Publishing Tasks

  • Created 8 blog posts for this blog;
  • Catalogued more of my short work so I could track publications and submissions for each.
  • Created 1 blog post for the C.M. Simpson Publishing blog;
  • Completed the edit on Orb Wielder;
  • Formatted Orb Wielder to CreateSpace for both large print and mass market print-on-demand
  • Formatted Orb Wielder for Smashwords
  • Release Orb Wielder on Smashwords as an eBook.

New Arrivals

The following pieces arrived last week and were written to completion:

  • ShortStory487 (Autumnal Threat): a science fiction story of colonisation and ecology.
  • ShortStory488 (In Service to the Pinnacle): a science fiction story linked to Odyssey;
  • ShortStory489 (Earth and Lunar Dreaming): a science fiction story linked to Odyssey and the werewolves of Lunar Base One.
  • ShortStory492 (The Taletellers’ Slumbering): a science fiction story about the importance of story and memory;
  • ShortStory493 (A Legacy of Elves): an urban post-apocalyptic fantasy about pixies, elves and trolls

The following pieces arrived last week and need to be completed:

  • ShortStory483 (The Royal Starman in the Moon): the 6th story in the story match challenge
  • ShortStory484 (The Pink Unicorn): a piece of urban flash fiction fantasy about a miniature pink unicorn;
  • ShortStory485 (That Accursed Rug): a piece of urban flash fiction fantasy about a rug;
  • ShortStory486 (Untitled): a story about trolls, cockatoos and elves – urban fantasy.
  • ShortStory490 (Men of Sand and Light): a science fiction short story about illusion and reality;
  • ShortStory491 (White Pinnacle): a short story


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