The Story Match Challenge—Day 17: July 23, 2015

Home all day, today. I have one short research essay to complete—which will take 3-4 days to research and about a day to finish the first draft on since we’ve only just started the subject. Not much room for writing, but I will make some time. Let myself sleep in, but will probably work late tonight as I have no classes tomorrow. Very much looking forward to a quiet house and a straight five-and-a-half-hour run at things.
To get started on today’s challenge, I took a look at Dean’s blog. He is pretty amazing. Even when he’s had a full day and is tired, he manages to meet the challenge. Today, he wrote about how finding ideas in short stories is like finding unexpected books in bookstores and a little on the place of bookstores in a digital age.
Today’s randomly rolled title is: 92-Year’s, and 02-Starfish, which morphed into “This Year’s Starfish”
And that’s all I’ve got. School and study took up the day.
We’ll chalk that up as another fail – although I did write another two poems AND completed my first assignment two weeks ahead of time AND prepared for the first of four classes. Still getting the balance. This will smooth out over the next couple of weeks.
Total Words for the Day: 2,000


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