The Story Match Challenge—Day 15: July 21, 2015

Day 15: A.M. Before
I was up later, 0500, this morning and did not sit down at the computer until 0515. Still only about an hour for story writing. I didn’t finish yesterday’s story challenge and today’s looks unlikely, since I will be out of the house for around 10 hours and will come home to chores and the need to sleep. This challenge is very educational for teaching me what my limits are while I’m still combining two lifestyles, but at least I’m learning what they are, while still pushing the boundary. On his blog, Dean talks about the importance of commonsense when making a living as a writer.
A.M. Start
Today’s short story goal is 3,200 words, which I probably won’t make, but I can make a start. For the title I rolled 75-The Magicians and 33-Plains, which became The Magician’s Plains or The Plain Magician.
Challenge Results – Fail
Story Match: Partial—The Plain Magician (sci-fantasy; 1100 words)
Total words for the day: 1,100


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