The Story Match Challenge—Day 14: July 20, 2015

Day 14: A.M. Before
I was up at 0430 this morning as I had an 0730 bus to catch for university. After updating the blog and pfaffing around for a little bit, I checked Dean’s progress on his challenge—another short and another confirmed novel start. Also, some good advice about writing what you love. I now only have 1 hour and 10 minutes left to write in. Better get to it.
A.M. Start
Title randomly rolled this morning: 75-The Magicians and 51-the Silk Road. Well, crap – that one required a little research. I took a quick look and discovered lots of desert, camels and two more routes—the Southern Silk Road and the Silk Road by the Sea. This is definitely something I will revisit. With no time to research further, I decided on a fantasy and had 956 words down before I had to get into the before school routine for my littlest, and leave for my own classes. Poetry and flash fiction are scheduled to be written on the bus.
Story Match Challenge: Incomplete—The Magicians and the Silk Road (fantasy – 956 words)
Poetry: Complete—3 pieces to be transcribed from notebook; wordage unknown
Flash Fiction: Partially complete—2 pieces to be transcribed from notebook; wordage unknown


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