The Story Match Challenge—Day 18: July 24, 2015

I woke with a headache, today. I managed to complete another two classes of prep today (and another 1,300 words of study-related matter) before the headache got me and I had to go soak in the tub and then nap. Woke about an hour later feeling much better and did a few chores before sitting down to type before watching Dr. Who with my littlest. The story grew to 500 words in a half hour, and then it was Dr. Who time, followed by a spot of knitting and the bedtime-story routine and then I sat back down to type. A paragraph into it and I remembered I hadn’t posted the last two blogs, so that happened, and then I got back to it.
Tonight’s story is aiming at 4,400 words and the randomly rolled title was 93-Years of and 89-Voyage, so Years of Voyage it was. It’s another story about a recently established colony. Tonight, I will have to listen to my body and stop when it says to, or I will be sick tomorrow, so I probably won’t complete the story, but we’ll see how it goes.
Dean talked about the earning life of short stories and how that earning potential has improved in recent times.
I finished at 2,259 words. I seriously didn’t want to stop, but I don’t get to sleep in for however long I need and I’m tired and still not a hundred per cent, so I need to stop and sleep. Poetry and Flash Fiction were not completed.
Total Words for Today: 4,527


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