Camp NaNoWriMo: Days 4-5

Just a quick post to update the progress.

I have discovered music – yes, all over again. I find that, if I listen to the right pieces, with minimal lyrics and a good, strong beat. I struggled to get the words down for the first couple days of the month, but these last two, they have come more easily, because I’ve been able to focus where I couldn’t, before. So, without further ado:

Day 4, April 4, 2018: I added 5,119 words to Blaedergil’s Host, as well as writing 1,627 words of flash fiction (spread over 4 pieces), and 402 words of poetry, split over 2 pieces.

Day 5, April 5, 2018: I added, 5,169 words to Blaedergil’s Host, and am just about to embark on the daily flash fiction and poetry journeys for the day.

I stayed off Mack's radar for a good three months, or so I'd thought. Maybe he was just letting me run. He found me, kicked my ass and hauled me right back on board. He'd been doing that on and off for the past two years. Problem was, Odyssey was also on my tail, and, when this job was done, Mack was supposed to hand me back. Not gonna happen. And, now I was back to Square One: Kick free of Odyssey & kick free of Mack... just as soon as the mission was done, because how could I turn my back on *that*? 


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