PokemonGo: Day 1 Mission

March 31 marked the start of Pokemon missions in Australia. I'd been looking forward to them since I'd see the notification on the phone, and was quite excited to find them ready to go. That morning, I was met by the message, and then a picture of Professor Willow's head appeared at the bottom right of the screen, just above the part of the scanner showing what pokemon are nearby.

 Tapping on that icon, took me to a dialogue where the Professor asked for help in his research. To move between each section of dialogue, I had to tap the screen once I had finished reading. After agreeing to help (not that there is an option to say no), I was taken to the screen showing the list of tasks I had been set.

At the top of that screen, under the heading 'Research Progress' were six circles leading to a circle with a box. Below that were two headings: 'Field' and 'Special'. The screen that opened showed the three tasks Professor Willow had set. The heading that was underlined was 'Special', so 'Special' tasks are set by the Professor. Cool. At the very bottom of the screen was an important section marked 'Rewards'.

Awesome, I thought, and tapped the 'X' at the centre-bottom of the page so I could set about completing the first set of tasks. When I returned to the main screen, the Professor's head had been replaced by a set of binoculars.

It was a beautiful morning for a stroll.

So I started on the first task, and discovered that, as you complete actions related to a task, a progress bar pops up at the bottom of the screen, to show you how far you have gone, and how much farther you have left. That's very, very useful. I like it!

I learned more, when I stopped to spin my first pokestop. I'd completely forgotten to look under the 'Field' heading - and the pokestop delivered another pop-out message stating I had 'New Field Research'. Now, I was curious: what was this 'Field Research'? and wasn't I already doing it? When I came out of the pokestop, there was a red dot sitting on the binoculars.

So, of course, I had to go look!

The first thing I came to was the panel of 'Special' tasks. I was pretty happy to see my progress. Now, I touched the 'Field' heading, and saw the first new task. I'm guessing all those spaces told me to visit pokestops to find more, before that task popped up. Ha. So I went and caught a shuppet playing near the playground. After all, That's not something to be left lying around!

Which was how I discovered that that notification bar appears very quickly, and very briefly on completion of each step of each task.

 And when you complete a task, the binocular circle turns orange.

And so does the completed task.

Once you tap on the orange line to claim your reward, a line marking the completed task replaces it.

It took me a little while to notice that the progress bar also turns from purple to orange when a task is completed. That, too, is very cool.

When the final task in the set of three tasks is completed, you can collect the reward at the bottom of the Missions panel:

At this point, I discovered the reason why the heading said "A Mythical Discovery (1/8)", when there were only six circles. ONE of eight. And that was because, after another quick chat with Professor Willow, the next heading was "A Mythical Discovery (2/8)". TWO!!!! And you didn't get to progress to the second circle. It looked like I'd have to complete 8 sets of missions BEFORE the second circle could be reached. I have never been so wrong in my life. Those circles had another purpose entirely.

Shortly after this, I discovered what happens when you complete one of the 'Field' research projects. Yep, you guessed it: You get a STICKER!

The sticker has the day's date on it... and, while you can keep going and complete other field missions, you won't get another sticker until you do a field research task on a new day. So that's what the circles are for. Right. Got it.

So, what's the point of completing more than one Field research task each day?

Well, there's this medal, you see...

While it only takes 10 Field Research missions to reach the bronze level of the medal - Special missions don't count - you're going to need to have completed 100 Field Research missions to reach Silver, and a whopping 1,000 to reach Gold.

By the end of my walk, I'd completed 3 Field Research tasks, but was still working my way through "A Mythical Discovery (2/8)". I had also found more Field Research tasks to fill in the gaps. Looked like I was going to go raid hunting the next day... and maybe I'd have to do A LOT of walking! Those Feebas need 5k per candy!