PokemonGo Missions: Day 6

Day 6 (April 5th):

More walking, and my back is feeling much better. I started the day with the following missions left to do - and was very relieved to spin up a new Field Research task.

It was quickly completed, and I scored my sixth sticker. The next stop replaced task.

By the end of the day, I had found, and almost completed, a third Field Reserch task, but, in spite of catching innumerable Rattatas, Pidgeys, and Whismurs, along with a couple of Taillows and Zigzagoons, I had yet to come across one. I had also seen only one ghost-type, outside a raid, and that one appeared at a time when I had an errand to run.

All in all Day 5 saw no progress on the fifth part of the Special Missions since I'd lost my third ghost-type raid on Day 4. On the upside, I had seen three Skitty in the scanner: one when I had no balls and no way to get any in time, one that was at a stop I could not reach due to errands, and one that disappeared before I could reach the stop it was at. Oh well, maybe tomorrow...