National Poetry Month—Day 6, Verse 4

It’s National Poetry Month, and I’m trying to write, and post, a poem a day to celebrate it. So far, I’ve managed to miss two days, proving I’m not super-human after, but only ordinary, average human. Here’s the poem for today, late today, like the rest of today’s tasks, but here, nonetheless.

In Romeo’s Wake

Written on April 6, 2018, for the February 17 entry of Another 365 Days of Poetry, this piece of fantasy verse was started as part of a response to the first of the 30Days of Writing Activities set by Shut Up & Write.

"I’ll see you in the world below,"
said the age-old Romeo,
and with those words he did descend,
and left me to on my own defend.
I felt jilted, angry, owned,
and I vowed then I would not roam
to seek a way to the world below,
or the treach’rous arms of that Romeo
for, although he’d wooed me from dusk til dawn,
he’d left me to defend, then mourn,
the village, and its dead, alone.
If I sought him, t’would not be for love,
but to bring vengeance from this world above
into the darkness that he calls home,
the shadowed depths of the world below.