Ingress Round-Up March 2018

I had a quiet Ingress month, partly because PokemonGo ran several events, and partly because I was focused on finding the discipline I needed to achieve the writing and publishing goals I have.

Medal Milestones:

This month, I achieved the Onyx Translator medal:

Mission Milestones:

Oops. None to report.

Results for March Goals:

  • FAIL: Platinum Recon—I lost sight of this goal, and have not been doing regular recon activity for the last month. I’ll add this to April’s goals.
  • FAIL: Complete one more mission mosaic—I lost sight of this goal, after one attempt at a mission mosaic, that had to be aborted due to building works that put a portal in the first mission of the series out of hackable range… and then I forgot completely to put time aside for another one as I focused on my writing goals.
  • SUCCESS: Onyx Translator: achieved during normal play.

Goals for April:
Achieve the Platinum Recon milestone;

  • Complete two more mission mosaics
  • Reach the 60,000 resonator mark in Builder.